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13 INC(Iglesia Ni Cristo), Philippines Hanhwa E&C Co., Ltd. Hanmac Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd. June2012~May2013

Project Name : Inspection Service for Steel Structure of  Philippines Arena Construction Project
Main ParticularsWorld’s largest indoor arena
Total Steel Weight : 11,785Ton (Steel Raker 3,000T, Ring Truss 1,005T, Space Frame 3,750T, Catwalk 250T, Bent 1,000T), Indoor assembly and sports facilities with a height of 62.4m and floor space of 70,000m² (52,000 seats), 5 Floors.

12 Incheon Metropolitan Government Hyundai E&C Co., Ltd. Hanmac Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd. Feb.2012~Dec.2013

Project Name : Inspection Service for Steel Structure of  '2014 Incheon Asian Game Main Stadium Construction Project
Main Particulars
Location: 378, Yeon-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon, Lot Area  585,000, Total Floor Area 113,619,  5 Floors, Stand : 60,000 Seats for Main Stadium &  5,000 Seats for Aux.stadium,  Total Steel Weight : 5,600Ton(Roof Structure  4,000T, Lower Structure 1,600T),    Structure System : Roof(Steel structure), Lower(RC+S)

11 Seoul Metrpolitan Government Hyundai Development Co., Ltd. Samjin Industrial & Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Nov.2011~Oct.2012
Project Name : Inspection Service forSteel Structure of Seoul West-South area baseball stadium Construction Project
Main Particulars ; Duration(), Constructor(Hyundai),  Korea's largest Dome type baseball stadium
Location: Gocheok-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Total Steel Weight  : 5,785 Ton,  Structure System : Roof(Space Frame+ Membrane), RC Frame, PC stand, T-K-Y Joint , Stand: 22,258 Seats,  B2 F/4 F, Total Floor Area  62,443,
10 Moonism /Cheongshim church Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. Hyundai Steel Ind. Co., Ltd. Jan. 2010 ~ May 2011
Project Name : Steel structure manufacturing & erection Inspection service for Cheongshim gymnasium
                               construction project  
Main Particulars Korea's biggest Indoor gymnasium, Total structure weight 4,200 Ton( Roof truss 2,400 ton, 
                                    Lower truss1,300 ton, Inspection way 230 ton, etc.270 ton), -3F and +4F from ground, 
                                    Total Floor Area 404,272, Stand : 25,000 seats. Erection method: Block sliding for roof truss)

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