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Description : Steel bridge supervision & inspection service for Bukhang Grand Bridge private investment construction project
Bridge Name : Buk-Hang Grand Bridge
Owner : Buk-Hang I Bridge Co., Ltd.
Client : Samyoung Technology Corporation/Hyundai Development Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Hanjin Heavy Ind. & Const./Yeongchang Heavy Ind. & Const. Co., Ltd.
Remarks : ●Project Name : Bukhang Bridge (Private Investment Project)

●Constructor : Hyundai Development Company

●Period: Jul. 2010 ~ Dec. 2011 


- Type : Five-span composite cable-stayed bridge with double-plane cable system

- Total steel weight 30,535 ton

- Total span length : L= 1,114m (60+227+540+227+60)

- Width : W = 28.7m (two-way, 6-lane)

- Navigation channel : 350m x 60m (navigable for 8,000-TEU vessel)

● Main Features :

- Longest span among composite cable-stayed bridges in Korea

- Edge Girder of Inclined Web using Welded Cable Anchor

-Cost reduction by determining the central span length based on ground condition

- Modified inverted Y-shaped pylon
Description : Steel bridge supervision service for Geoga Grand Bridge links Busan city to Geoje city
Bridge Name : Geoga 1-Gyo(Youho-Jeodo), Geoga 2-Gyo(Jeodo-Junggukdo)
Owner : GK Marine Road Co., Ltd.
Client : Hansung Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Doosan Machatec. Co., Ltd.
Remarks :  • Period : Mar. 2008 ~ May 2010,  Constructor : Daewoo E&C J/V, Korea's first  triple pylon cable stayed bridge

, Korea's first  AASHTO LRFD(Load-Resiatance Factor Design) method applied, Korea's first  F10T M30 Bolt   used, 보강형거더에 used material SM520C TMC for girder and grade K25 Lamellar tearing steel applied

Main Particulars : Few member steel plate girder, Total Steel Weight 10,032 ton, 3/4 spans continuous steel composite cable stayed bridge with triple/double pylons, Width/Lanes: 24m/5 lanes, Height of girder : 2m(I- shaped  Edge Girder)

Lot1 Triple pylon cable stayed bridge : Height  of Pylon H= 104m, Main Span  230m,     Composition of span 

   L 2363.5m = Approach Bridge#1(48.5+70+3@90+70=458.5)+cable stayed bridge(111.5+2@230+111.5=683) + 

                           Approach   Bridge#2(75+4@90+75=510),

Lot2 Double pylon cable stayed bridge : Height  of Pylon (from Average seawater level) H=156m, Main Span

                    475m, Composition of span L 1866m = Approach Bridge#3(75+2@90+75=330) + cable stayed bridge

225.5+475+225.5=926) + Approach Bridge#4(75+5@90+85=610)

• Pylon : Curved Diamond type Concrete Pylon , Cable : Multi Strand(MS) Type, Inclined 2-plane disposed, Semi-

               Fan Type with 12m space
Description : Inspection service of Machang Grand Bridge during erection stage
Bridge Name : Machang Grand Bridge
Owner : Hyundai Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd./ Bouygues, France
Client : Hyundai Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Doosan Machatec. Co., Ltd.
Remarks : • Period : Jan. 2007 ~ Nov. 2007 • Spec : total weight 16,740 ton, cable stayed bridge, max span 740m
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