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Description : Steel bridge supervision service for approach road construction project of Yeosu national Ind. complec(work section #1)
Bridge Name : Yeosu Grand Bridge
Owner : Jeolla Nam-do, Steel bridge supervision service for Approach road construction project of Yeosu national Ind. complec(work section #1)
Client : Seoyeong Engineering Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Doosan Machatec. Co., Ltd. / Dongbu Corporation
Remarks :

• Project Name : Access road to Yeosu National Industrial Complex(work section #1)

Constructor : GS Engineering & Construction Corp. 

• Period : July 2009 ~ Dec. 2011

Outline :

-Total Steel Weight 11,803 ton

Marine Main Bridge(Cable stayed bridge, Orthotropic deck, L=760m, 6313Ton)

Marine Conjunction Bridge(L=650m, 3293Ton),

Land side Bridge(Wollae IC1-gyo : L=497.2m, 1236Ton, Wollae IC2-gyo : L=395m, 962Ton)

• Type of Bridge : Five-span composite cable-stayed bridge with double-plane cable system

• Total span length of cable stsyed bridge : L=760m(2@82.5+430+2@82.5)

• Width : W = 25.9m (two-way, 4-lane)

• Type of Girder: 2- Plate Girder(H=2.6m)                              

• Type of Pylon : 2-Vertical H-Shaped Concrete Pylon

• Cable : Semi-Fan Type,  MS(Multi-Strand Cable)

• Navigation channel : 300m x 52m (navigable for 4,000-TEU vessel)

• Anchoring : Indirect anchoring system on stiffening girder


Description : Steel bridge supervision service for Gyeongnam innovation city West entrance bridge construction project
Bridge Name : Kimsimin Grand Bridge
Owner : Gyeongsang-Namdo Provincial Government
Client : Hansung Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Doosan Mechatec Co., Ltd.
Remarks : •Period: Apr. 2011 ~ Oct. 2011   •Contents : asymmetric self-anchored cable stayed bridge(weight 1,903 ton), overall length 347.5m, width 18.5~34m, pedestrian bridge(steel box girder,299 ton), ramp etc., total weight 2,202 ton.
Description : Steel Bridge supervision service for road construction project connecting Dolsan and Hwatae islands
Bridge Name : Handol Grand Bridge(Temporary Name)
Owner : Igsan Regional Construction & Management Administration
Client : Chungsuk Engineering Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Hanjin Heavy Ind.Co., Ltd.(Incheon work)
Remarks : • Period : Sep. 2008~ June. 2013   • Constructor : Hanjin Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.

Main Particulars : Total Steel Weight 12,556 Ton, Overall Bridge Length L1665m=Marine Main Bridge(Cable stayed bridge) 1020m(=71m+189m+500m+189m+71m) + Marine connection bridge(Steel composite Steel Box Girder) 325m(=65m x 5 span) + Land side Bridge(IPC Girder) 320m(=40m x 8 span), Reverse Y-Type Steel Pylon 2 Units (H=130m, Mat'l SM490Y, 3640Ton), Main Bridge(Girder: 2-Box Edge Girder : Mat'l HSB500, 6261Ton), Connection bridge(Girder : Mat'l SM490Y, 1670Ton), Cable(Multi Parallel Strand, Inclined 2-planes disposed, 1656Ton),
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