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Description : Steel bridge inspection service for Yeongjong Grand Bridge connecting Seoul area and Incheon new airport
Bridge Name : Yeongjong Grand Bridge
Owner : International Airport Freeway Co., Ltd.
Client : Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.
Remarks : • Period : Feb. 1998 ~ Dec. 1999 • Spec : total weight 19,400 ton, overall length 4.42km, truss type/ double deck/ self-anchored/ cable suspension bridge, steel pylon
Description : Steel bridge supervision service for Jeokgeum-Yeongnam road construction project
Bridge Name : Jeokgeum Grand Bridge
Owner : Igsan Regional Construction Management AdministrationSteel bridge supervision service for Jeokgeum-Yeongnam road construction project
Client : Hong-Ik Engineering & Consultants Co., Ltd.
Prime Vendor : Daelim C&S
Remarks : . overall length L=1,340m

• Project Name : Steel bridge supervision service for Jeokgeum-Yeongnam road construction project

• Service Duration : May. 2009 ~ Feb.. 2014

Constructor : Daelim E&C

Supervision Company: Hong-Ik Engineering & Consultants Co., Ltd.

Location : Wucheon-ri , Yeongnam-myeon, Goheung-gun ~Jeokgeun-do, Hwajeong-myeon, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea

• Overview : Total weight 9,709 ton, Single-span cable  suspension  bridge(total length 1,340m) , The first earth- anchored/ one span/ cable suspension bridge in Korea & PWS hanger rope universal joint, Span 850m(suspension part), Width(18.2m, 2-lanes),  sag-span ratio:1/9

• Deck System : type(steel box), Height 3.0m, Depth/ width ratio 15.2%, Aerodynamic stabilizing system(streamlined box shape), Weight(69,000KN, Material(main member SM490, sub member SM400), Const. method(Full hinged deck connection by F/C), Design wind velocity(57.4m/sec)

• Cable : type(2 PWS cables, fpu=1,760MPa), Section(Ø5.1mm x 380 wires x 19 strands, A=0.148cm2), Diameter(Ø491mm, void ratio 20%), Const. method(Air Spinning), Weight 34,170KN

• Hanger : NPWS Ø5mm(fpu=1,770MPa), Section(Ø80 : Ø5mm x 151, Ø5mm x 163), Arrangement(22.5+46@17.5 +22.5), Weight 811KN

• Pylon : type(H-type concrete pylon), Height 133.3m, Const. method(Auto Climbing form)
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