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Service Detail
Technical Consulting
Upon request of clients(purchaser/constructor/fabricator), we are providing technical support for engineering and
      fabrication, and erection.
Services Details covered are education/training in field of S.O.C. infrastructure, rotating machinery, pressure vessel
Monitoring and Expediting
Vendor Survey and Evaluation
      - Defining the manufacturer's ability to produce a product meeting the customer's quality requirements.
      - Evaluate the manufacturer's production capacity and shop load
Expediting Services
      - Verifying and evaluating all the stages of progress are in compliance with the production program of the
      - Proposing alternatives for advancing the retared schedule
Safety Diagnosis of Facilities/Structure
Major Facilities Covered
      - Refinery and petrochemical plants, storage facilities, building Water gate/ Lock gate (office, commercial, dwellings,
        structured) Infrastructure facilities (steel Bridge etc) and other industrial plants
      - Surveying the present conditions of facilities (forecasting the losses)
      - Analyzing the past history
      - Checking of the relevant Codes and standard
      - Selection of the inspection methods
      - Shutdown inspection(SDI)
      - On-stream inspection(OSI)
      - Diagnosis of aged deterioration
      - N.D.E & hardness for rotating equipment
      - Diagnosis of electrical system(on-line diagnosis)
Inspection data analysi
Inspection report
Lifetime assessment
Inspection of effectiveness of facilities